Upopo O Hana Spirit

Karine Guillermin

08.06.2018 | 25.08.2018

Spirit of the sound of flowers
Break the Darkness
Travel with us
And look with the mind's eye

Please join us for Karine Guillermin’s solo exhibition ‘Upopo O Hana Spirit’, opening Friday 8 June 2018. Incorporating painting, drawing, ceramic and installation, Karine’s works are a meditation; a pause at the point where dreams and reality intersect.

At times intricate, at other times expansive, ‘Upopo O Hana Spirit’ is a mesmerising journey that asks audiences to see the beauty and magic in nature's imperfections.

Born in Villeurbanne, France, in 1975, Karine currently lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City, where her works are a mirror of this new environment.

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