Memory and Body Mythology
by Mahdi Abdullah

22 July - 24 August 2024

Vin Gallery proudly presents Mahdi Abdullah's solo show, "Memory and Body Mythology". As we are committed to representing contemporary artists from Southeast Asia whose artworks contain powerful messages, we are glad to bring Mahdi Abdullah's works to the Vietnamese audience. His works have consistently offered a dialectic with the viewers.

Mahdi Abdullah's works use realism to depict his anxieties about the social reality that he has witnessed while focusing on the life of common people from his hometown. At first, the images might look calm and peaceful but there’s dualism existing in each work.

Join us in Private View for "Memory and Body Mythology" on 20 July 2024 from 18.30 until 20.30


Orejarena & Stein
“Night of the Year’s Best of”


During Arles 2024, Les Recontres De La Photographie, they will hosted BEST OF Night of the Year / Nuit de l'année. This is an event, which is a visual walk through about fifty photographic proposals projected in loops onto large screens. Favorites and cartes blanches are proposed for this great celebration of photography which also features performances and DJ sets.

And “American Glitch”, a work by Orejarena & Stein will be screen throughout the summer, from 1 July to 29 September 2024.

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Katharina Arndt
by Theodosia Marchant


Last November, Vin Gallery honoured to host Katharina Arndt for her first solo show in Vietnam. As the excitement is still linger around, we want to share you this interview by Theodosia Marchant about Katharina Arndt’s artistic practice.

Read here: http://tinyurl.com/43txvj3d