Art Basel, Hong Kong

27.05.2022 | 29.05.2022

Lê Giang - D’eau et de verdure

Vin Gallery is excited to announce our participation in Art Basel Hong Kong 2022. This year we will be participating in the Discoveries sector by presenting Lê Giang‘s works. D’eau et de verdure by Lê Giang has always challenged us to trace back the colonial mythologisation of Indochina, “an exotic land”. Lê Giang has a strong statement to resist this exotic representation of her country.

“Whether it’s through dismantling legacies of colonialism or building an archive of counter-histories, they are gazing back to forge bold new paths ahead.” (Art Basel Hong Kong)

Find out more on Lê Giang's statement from her works, ‘D’eau et de verdure’ that will be presented in the upcoming Art Basel Hong Kong in May. (Read more)


12.11.2021 | 04.12.2021

Richard Streitmatter-Tran at La Lanta Fine Art

Richard Streitmatter-Tran will showcase his works at La Lanta Fine Art in collaboration with Vin Gallery. Titled ‘PROPHILIA’, is an extended series of portrait paintings. Richard Streitmatter-Tran looks to the mediated social world of profile images and considers their relation to the long tradition of portraiture painting. Using social media networks, he solicits profile images as initial references. He strips off their meta information and contextual tagging. He then paints portraits that transform the subjects - and in many cases, returns an image of the final paintings to the original posters.
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Long Time No See
Andrea Orejarena and Caleb Stein

Interview by Danilo Rößger for Leica

Andrea Orejarena and Caleb Stein recently sat down to talk about their working process. They discuss how their practice using the medium of photography and the genesis of their year-long project, breaking old narrative habits and blurring the lines between dreams and memories. 

“Since 2015, Long Time No See has evolved into a multimedia project that not only offers intense insight into a part of history that will never be forgotten, but also opens up the medium of photography to new collaborative approaches,” (Danilo Rößger) 
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