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Art Basel Hong Kong: Ngoc Nau presents mixed realities from northern Vietnam
by Sukanya Deb at Stir World

Ngoc Nau

“Between spiritualism, industrialisation and technological accelerationism in her hometown, Ngoc Nau questions the premise of development and speaks to that which protects the land.”

Read more about this wonderful review of Ngoc Nau’s works by Sukanya Deb, a writer and curator based in New Delhi. Sukanya Deb shares us a brilliant piece from Ngoc Nau’s last works which recently had the chance to be showcased in Art Basel Hong Kong 2023 with Vin Gallery.


Ngoc Nau’s Artworks List:


Resonate State
11 March - 28 April 2023

Yohei Yama

Vin Gallery is pleased to welcome you to our Private View, 'Resonate State' by Yohei Yama. Born in Saitama, Japan in 1977 and currently based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Yama’s works have been exhibited widely across the international platform as well as featured in Sotheby’s and Christie’s Hong Kong’s Asian Contemporary art sector.

Yohei Yama's works consistently invite us to explore and question our surroundings, especially our relationship with nature. He puts focus on the process of growing up. In ‘Resonate State’, Yohei Yama wanted to convey his reflection on the growing process and the energy of life. Inspired by his daily life, seeing his own son growing up and how the flower sprouts its petals, Yohei Yama absorbed the true essence of energy in life.

Meet the Artists: Ngoc Nau

by Art Basel

Art Basel Hong Kong, 21 -25 March 2023

In this episode of ‘Meet the artists’, Art Basel team visit Nau in her studio – a room in a former factory on Hanoi’s outskirts – and wander the surrounding industry-wasted landscape as she reflects on the ways technology has become an omnipresent force in our lives.

During their visit, Nau also introduces them to the local folk tradition Đạo Mẫu, the worship of the Mother Goddess of the Three Realms. ‘Among those who worship the Mother Goddess are workers in the coal mining industry,’ she explains. ‘The ritual is a way for them to give back the fortune and financial gains extracted from nature.’

Art Basel Video: