Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vin Gallery has established an active presence in art fairs across Asia by promoting cross-cultural hybridization. We aim to bring artists with critical practices to HCMC to share their work with the local art scene while simultaneously striving to discover and promote promising South East Asia artists to the international art scene. Our artists come from diverse cultural backgrounds and art educations, work with various mediums and have a spectrum of life experiences. They have strong conceptual and challenging visions, materialized in continually evolving forms which we try to foster by creating networks and collaborations with other art spaces in Asia and beyond.


Tom Tandio, Patreon of Vin Gallery

Tom Tandio, an Indonesia-born entrepreneur, transitioned from the automotive business to a pivotal role in Jakarta's art scene over 15 years. Renowned for founding Indo Art Now in 2011 and directing Art Jakarta, Indonesia's oldest contemporary art fair, Tandio has significantly impacted the local artistic landscape. His journey into art began in 2011 at a gallery event, prompting him to explore the market and later establish Indo Art Now to support Indonesian artists.

Despite challenges like limited exhibition spaces, Tandio describes Indonesia's art scene as exciting, organic, and collective.

Viewing art as a universal language, he emphasizes contextual discussions in contemporary art, transcending geographical boundaries. Reflecting on Indonesia's history, he notes the evolution from political statements to social commentaries in artistic expressions. Personally transformed by art, Tandio shifted his focus from profit to meaningful experiences, crediting Indonesian artists for profoundly changing his life.

Daisuke Miyatsu, Patreon of Vin Gallery

Daisuke Miyatsu, the 'salaryman collector,' seamlessly blended a corporate career with a profound passion for art, amassing an international collection of 400 artworks over 25 years. Beginning as an office worker, he supplemented his income with a nighttime hotel receptionist job, enabling him to acquire pieces by renowned artists like Yayoi Kusama and Olafur Eliasson. Miyatsu's unconventional approach includes turning his home, designed by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, into an art installation and using his body as a canvas for tattoos designed by notable artists. As a professor at Yokohama College of Art and Design, he analyzes art phenomena from a business perspective, emphasizing career development and global communication.

Miyatsu's role as the president of the Yokohama University of Art and Design involves exploring the changing role of art in society, particularly amid the COVID-19 pandemic, showcasing a dynamic blend of personal passion and commitment to art accessibility.

Shyevin S’ng, founder of Vin Gallery

In the expansive realm of the art world, Shyevin S'ng functions as a multifaceted figure, serving as an art dealer, gallerist, advisor, and connector within the art community, diligently expanding her network over the past 20 years. Wearing various hats, she has provided guidance and nurturing to artists and collectors who share a belief in her vision. As a business owner, Shyevin has strategically built a global team with the goal of expanding and promoting her brand across diverse art communities.

Having relished a successful career in art, Shyevin has recently extended her expertise to the intersection of art and technology as a co-founder of Cohart.

Her background encompasses a spectrum of skills, including strategy and business development, fundraising, advising/mentoring, and community development. On a parallel track, Shyevin, hailing from a small fishery town in Malaysia, forged a deep connection to art from an early age. Experimenting with various mediums, she discovered her profound resonance with oil painting.

Traveling between Vietnam and other locations, she finds inspiration in natural landscapes, infusing her paintings with not only the beauty of her subjects but also her internal life experiences and ideals. Additionally, Shyevin is not only an accomplished artist but also the founder of VinSpace Art Studio, seamlessly blending her enthusiasm for art with business acumen. Steering the growth of the studio and its team, Shyevin envisions expanding the creative core of Saigon, exemplifying her ambition in both the artistic and entrepreneurial realms.


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