Ngoc Nau

Ngoc Nau (b.1989, Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam) graduated from Vietnam Fine Art University, majoring in Vietnam art history and criticism. Ngoc Nau is currently working with various mediums such as video installation using 3D software, and other open sources on internet to creating new dimensionsfor video. She also works with photographic light boxes, holograms and Augmented Reality (AR). In Ngoc Nau’s work these techniques have been used to refer to how new media shape our view of the world. This thought in her work is related by the current context of Vietnam’s development and chaos of contemporary culture. She explores the controversy surrounding what traditional values are, highlighting the multiple types of abuse of power to gain wealth and looks into the psychology of humans to adapt to scientific development. Her art practice is concerned with the social and cultural phenomeno of modern humanity. Ngoc Nau’s artwork combines traditional culture with modern culture and technological modeling. It is an attempt to weld two different areas of science and spiritual beliefs together to interpret and allow for further artistic and scientific inquiry into the spirit realm – a mysterious world without clear rules.