Le Phi Long

Le Phi Long, born in 1988, is a visual artist based in Ho Chi Minh City and Dalat, Vietnam. He graduated in interior design from Hue Fine Art University in 2012. Long's art encompasses paintings, site-specific installations, and conceptual works, deeply rooted in historical and geographical insights. His work critically examines survival, cultural transformation, and their impact on society, particularly his generation.

Through a multidisciplinary approach, Long explores global and local narratives, employing geography, history, and religion to refine his artistic expression. Since 2016, he has been dedicated to the "Dong Duong Lang Du" project, examining French Indochina's history to address themes of identity and migration in contemporary Vietnam. Post-2020, his focus has shifted towards exploring vital energy and perceptions of the world.

Long is also a co-founder of eNAME Artist Residency Art Center in Hanoi (2012) and MOIland (Lamvien Art Project) in Da Lat (2017-2020). His commitment to the art community extends through his participation in residencies worldwide, including in Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, and France. Long's work has been showcased internationally, reflecting his global perspective and the nuanced exploration of his cultural heritage.)