The already seen never seen

Trần Trọng Vũ

04.10.2019 | 08.02.2020

It could be said that Vũ’s career has been built in between the lines of ‘one’ or the ‘other’, Vietnam and France, home and away, personal and political. He straddles the lines of boundaries set upon those whose lives are prescribed from the time they are born. It is because of this he is enabled to explore outside of the umbrella of societies.

In ‘The already seen never seen’, Vũ has created an exploration for the viewer, he is both the spirit-guide and the subject.

“More than once the many things which had seemed to have been there for a long time had in fact been nowhere. So many times many things were considered like that, yet they never existed like that.”

Suited and gun-wielding men storm through a warm yellow field of painted flowers in a dreamscape, they are in action, inaction. It is in this moment of surreality where we are caught in the ‘between’, that the artist begs the questions that go unheard and unanswered.

“Life, reality, the world are all made by both the seen and the unseen.”

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