The First Lesson

Trần Tuấn

21.12.2018 | 20.02.2019

Vin Gallery is thrilled to present the latest works by prolific artist Trần Tuấn.

An artist who is moved and affected by his cultural upbringing presents The First Lesson, a body of work composed of sculpture and large painted imagery of textbooks used during one’s formative years. In his early years, textbooks containing poetry, history lessons to Vietnamese folklore are utilised as a means to effect the youngest of the population. The authors describe these textbooks as “... your close friend throughout the school year, a friend that goes with you through a lifetime, a friend that will always stay right in your soul….”. In his paintings, pages of these old textbooks are vandalised with imagery of dead vermin and childish scribbles. The visuals that Tuấn presents are an expression of his struggle from these lessons taught during his upbringing and his current progressive journey.

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