Robots and Flying Machines

Design by Reborn

01.03.2019 | 19.04.2019

Vin Gallery is excited to launch Design by Reborn’s third edition of design workings Robots and Flying Machines from the 13th dimension and beyond.

This ethereal sculptures and collectables bring together the not-so-distant future with the distant past. The concept gives Old Vietnamese motifs common in the early 19th century a place in our future. The sculptures borrow their colours, styles and patterns from wooden windows and unique metal grills and reincarnates them as robots and the flying machines with personalities. The result is mesmerizing pieces that are intricate, futuristic magnetic and rustic, all at once. Each piece is painted by using traditional Vietnamese lacquering techniques by collaborating with local artists that gives the sculptures a hi-gloss finish.

The pieces capture a childlike vision of the future with an artful past. The show displays the sculptures with a story for each of the creations, art books, screen prints and installations.

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