Inside of Me

Nguyễn Thị Châu Giang

07.09.2018 | 20.10.2018

Vin Gallery is pleased to present Inside of Me, Nguyễn Thị Châu Giang’s upcoming solo exhibition featuring a spectacular collection of silk paintings. Inside of Me will surprise audiences with both technique and content, making a powerful statement for the strength and power of Vietnamese woman, through the symbol of the dragon, both lissome and also extremely powerful – an ancient character that remains contemporary.

The exhibition title alludes to the inner contradictions within all of us, the artist bringing attention to the role of Vietnamese women in particular. Throughout each artwork we see the dragon, an animal born from the imagination that has existed throughout human history - a symbol for both power and strength. In Vietnam and Asia, a symbol for luck and prosperity, while in the West often described as a wicked creature capable of spitting fire. Because of his ability to appear and disappear suddenly, as well as his own antagonistic properties, the Dragon is full of internal contradictions.

“For Vietnamese women, I think that when they’re willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their family, they suffer from difficulties and disadvantages to bring happiness and joy to their loves - they are hiding in themselves a very powerful Dragon...” Says Giang, “As they are cornered, the Dragon hidden deep inside them will surely fly up high and show off their strength!”

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