CUBIST KALEIDOSCOPE: Explorations of the Mind’s Canvas

by Dylan Gill

09.09.2023 | 14.10.2023

Vin Gallery proudly presents “CUBIST KALEIDOSCOPE: Explorations of the Mind’s Canvas” by Dylan Gill. In a practice that emerged from the encounter with diverse individuals, Gill opens himself up to the emotional signals that vibrate just below the noise of modern life and attempts to capture their effects on canvas, quickly, while they are still fresh in his psyche. The result is a body of works that operate in the vein of empathetic impressionism, using color, form, and symbolic imagery to transform interplays of feeling into vivid surrealist portraits.

On this occasion, we display his works which highlights the pervasive role that emotion plays in shaping the sociocultural landscape of our world. But this terrain is complex and contested. Now, more than any other time in history, humans are inundated with a flood of incoming frequencies bearing subliminal emotional weight: news programs fostering a fear of the future, advertisements cultivating dissatisfaction with the present, political rhetoric stirring up nostalgia for idealized pasts. Everything from our private interior lives to our most intimate relationships are shaped, guided, and curtailed by these external, unseen signals.

Born in the vibrant heart of southeast London, Dylan’s artistic journey began with an enchantment for shape and color from an early age. Immersed in the world of art, he embraced his fascination by pursuing his passion for creative expressionism. Influenced early on by the vibrant hues of Vincent Van Gogh, Dylan’s own unique style blossomed during his teenage years, fueled by an unwavering love for shapes. Art college provided a haven for him, where he honed his craft while experiencing the joy of doing what he loved. Dylan’s artistic evolution led to his first solo exhibition in Bromley, where he unveiled his vision of the London suburbs through the lens of expressionistic cubism. This marked the beginning of an ongoing quest to capture the intricate canvas of his mind's projections, perfecting his signature style as he continues to paint the world with a vivid imagination.

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