Art Taipei 2018
Taipei, Taiwan

16 - 19 June 2022


Artist: Yohei Yama

‘Season Energeia’ is a collection of new work by Japanese artist Yohei Yama. Taking inspiration from the ever-revolving cycle of nature, Yama’s large paintings and installations are a vibrant journey into the artists connection with his new home in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As the waters of monsoon soak the city and it’s plants, the painted lines of Yama’s works flow and interconnect. Diffracted hues ripple across the canvas, while mesmerising rainbow light dances across the wall. Tree motifs grow and multiply in appreciation towards the rain and light. The artist asks that we lend our ears to his work, listening to the strong sound of rain, wind and thunder.

I keep my ear open for the rhythm of the heart and the breath
I feel the wind
I see the movement of a crowd
Flowers are waving and birds are singing in this time and space
I am living in rhythm with Mother Nature

Aristotle’s conceived word ‘energeia’ springs of varied meanings, in Yama’s case the ‘energeia’ intrinsically is the kinesis of nature, it’s dance and rhythm, it’s symbiotic essence; as you look at the work, begin to absorb it through Yama’s meditation on life.

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