Art Taipei 2017Taipei, Taiwan

20 -23 October 2017


Artist: Yohei Yama & Karine Guillermin

Yohei Yama and Karine Guillermin will present a duo show entitled Lou Apoukashi. Lou Apoukashi, in the tongue of the Ainu tribe in northern Japan, means to walk the path or follow the way, to travel – within and beyond us.

The work demands, evokes, and is created in the spirit of an open-minded restlessness. Yama’s acrylic and ink work is intuitive in conception and spontaneous in realisation. The simplest of geometric shapes repeat themselves indefinitely to create fractal patterns that reflect those found in nature, confined only by the borders of the canvas. Guillermin’s labyrinthine dreamscapes frustrate and delight, encouraging viewers to peep behind hidden keyholes and find their own key by which to decode paradise.

As such, a willingness to see beyond the stasis of art hung on the wall or placed on the floor is vital to understanding the work we hope to present at Art
Taipei 2017.

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