Art SG 2023
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

12 - 15 January 2023

Vin Gallery is pleased to introduce our two artists for Art SG 2023, Bùi Công Khánh and Richard Streitmatter-Tran. Since the establishment of Vin Gallery, we have been committed to promoting and supporting artists from Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam. For the past years, Vietnamese artists have gained recognition for the distinct characteristics of their artworks which we would like to highlight by presenting Bùi Công Khánh and Richard Streitmatter-Tran in the upcoming edition of Art SG. Both artists managed to display their critical perspectives using various mediums to present them.

Bùi Công Khánh’s work, tradition has been absorbed by the medium porcelain imitation for instance and the medium has become a metonym, a substitute for complex enquiries ranging from sociopolitical commentary to reflections on personal identity and cross-cultural heritage.

He carefully selects mediums and forms for their inherited significance, thus the final product becomes a cue, and viewers are invited to unpack the different layers of meaning implied. Bùi Công Khánh produces a large portion of his works. The artist’s mixed heritage is an incentive to explore broader issues of ChineseVietnamese relations, in particular how the spectre of China has impacted Vietnam’s cultural legacy including its ceramic production in a background of political and territorial tensions.

Richard Streitmatter-Tran’s practice historically has included performance and new media, his current focus involves the investigation of materials largely through figurative sculpture, painting, installation and drawing. His work can be found in numerous publications worldwide and is in private and public collections including the Singapore Art Museum, The Documenta Archives, RMIT University Vietnam Art Collection, IILM Art Collection and Post-Vidai Collection.

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