Art Jakarta 2022

26 - 28 August 2022

The time has finally come for us to gather physically without being mediated by any distance or online platform. In this year’s participation in Art Jakarta 2022, we can finally participate on the site. Based, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Vin Gallery is committed to sharing and promoting various artists from different contexts and regions. We are feeling delighted to show what we have put together, an eclectic selection of artists, they are Heri Purwanto, Mahdi Abdullah, Restu Ratnaningtyas, Vendy Methodos and Yohei Yama. These artists have worked with various mediums and approaches to their art.

Stands on a solid concept and vision, each artist explores various stories through their lenses. Restu Ratnaningtyas and Vendy Methodos will challenge to perceiving reality, daily lives, social and political issues. While Heri Purwanto, Mahdi Abdullah and Yohei Yama present a more poetic and dreamy point of view. Through the selection of this year’s artists, Vin Gallery aspires to encourage a hopeful and fresh start we will have together in the future.

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