Art Expo Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

10 - 13 October 2019

Trần Tuấn graduated from Hue College of Art with a degree in Traditional Decoration in 2006. His art practice has been greatly influenced by the untold stories of his family. Tuan has created his own artworks since 2010 and participated in many local and international exhibitions, such as ‘Nang Bong Nhe Tech’ in 2011, ‘Altered Clouds’ in 2012 and ‘Emperor Mushroom’ in 2013. His recent series ‘Two Forefingers’ was selected for Singapore Biennale 2013. He has also actively contributed to promoting art to a wider community. He first opened a lacquer factory named Then Studio which later became Then Cafe in 2012 - where many art activities take place. It later became a familiar meeting spot for young 
artists, architects, musicians as well as young people in town.

Frenemy is an American street artist who has done large mural projects and exhibited in solo and group shows worldwide, most notably in South Korea and the United States.

His works are imaginative, with cartoon-like characters that are fun when meet the eyes, but are revealing of much darker themes in close investigation. Inside his childlike crying figure, there is an angry burning house - is it a broken home? Frenemy unapologetically puts his troubles and hopes into this open visual world, to provide an escapism for himself and others. Constantly experimenting, Frenemy is working on a mixed media installation with large wood-cutouts and fiber-sculptures of these characters. They will work together with his striking paintings, to create an immersive visual narrative of a journey through the landscapes of his own mind.

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