Art Dubai 2021

29 March - 3 April 2021

Vin Gallery is proud to be participated in Art Dubai 2021, hosted by Dubai International Financial Centre. In this occasion, we were presented our two prominent artists, Karine Guillermin and Yohei Yama.

Karine Guillermin works depicted the French expressiveness with Japanese-inspired detailing collide to become dreamily compelling compositions: the petals of a large marshmallow flower; aquatic mollusks loitering in the air; a rainbow firework bursting to life. They are hypnotic, because, like Rousseau said, “Beauty is the promise of happiness.”

Yohei Yama is drawn to elemental energies and his hypnotic works lay claim to the transcendent power of art to heal, or to atone. From the paralyzing aftermath of the 2011 nuclear disaster in Fukushima sprang the essential motifs that characterize his work - little trees, rays of light and swirling winds bridge and rebuild the bond between the artist and nature.

(Image courtesy of Art Dubai 2021)

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