Art Central, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

26- 31 March 2019


Artist: Yohei Yama & Annabelle Ng

Rhythm | Graph brings together artists Annabelle Ng and Yohei Yama in a collaborative exploration of movement, sound and nature. The two artists first came together in 2017, collaborating on a sound piece that fused their unique relationship to both music and visual art. This coming together of ideas has lead to the creation of new work that incorporates hypnotising patterns and layered textures that reflect the internal and external rhythms of everyday life.

Previously enrolled in classical music, Annabelle combines various mediums with elements of sound and visual, while Yohei uses the canvas as a surface to plot the rhythms of nature and the body. Together they use unconventional objects to create sound works that bridge the conversation between their visual practices.

In this show Annabelle leads her audience to embrace their surroundings and to enter into the reality of her artwork that is composed of overlapping layers, to appreciate the fragile balance of reality and the subconscious. Yohei asks us to keep an ear open for the rhythm of the heartbeat and breath. “When working I feel the wind, I see the movement of a crowd, birds singing...the artwork is born as a result of collaboration with time, space and nature.” The end result is a colourful cacophony of patterns that lay way to the artists journey of creation – spinning, rolling and dancing with the movement of the universe.

Similarly, Annabelle’s process involves a multi-layered approach but also incorporates drawings, paintings and collaging of found items. Channelling her thoughts and emotions into the work over a prolonged duration of time, the patterns from Annabelle’s subconscious mind become etched across the artworks surface. Rhythm/Graph directs audiences stop and listen to the sounds of our own bodies and surrounds, finding these rhythms reflected in the patterns of Yama and Ng’s creations. The beauty and mystery of natural rhythms inspires them to project their artworks in the same mysterious manner. It allows them to distill the fragments of the soul onto canvas, untouched and pure.

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