2 - 1


11.08.2017 | 16.09.2017

Vin Gallery relaunches this August with an intimate show featuring local photographer Yatender. Yatender has had a busy year. She has shown both locally and internationally, and most recently contributed to Saigon Artbook 7, sharing a small teaser of her portfolio of moments.

Yatender’s wider Tinder Project is a largely private catalogue of stolen moments and fleeting connections. Our gallery is delighted to present 2-1, a carefully curated and thoughtfully presented unveiling of stories previously untold. Some funny, some sad — a little vulnerable perhaps, and completely raw.

She chose photography because words weren’t enough. She then chose film because of its limitations, and how closely it parallels flawed perception and the caprice of remembrance. The work that sometimes turns out warped or burned captures the strangeness of a moment gone. ‘2-1’ features a series of fleeting connections from the ongoing Tinder Project. Ya is a documentarian and a fantasist. Her candid photographs are simultaneously wistful and brusque, detailing unlikely characters who meet at random and fumbling in the dark, fall into each other.

Ya’s work is tactile, brusque and darkly humorous. For both viewer and artist, the only choice available is to embrace the unsettling, distorted and off kilter, in the endless quest for resolution.

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