thư nhàn | leisure

by Lê Phi Long

18.03.2024 | 06.04.2024

Vin Gallery is pleased to present "thư nhàn | leisure", a solo exhibition by Le Phi Long, which spans from 2020 to the present. This exhibition features personal works crafted in acrylic on canvas, pine wood, and paper, characterized by the use of the lapis lazuli color mixed with metal leaves. It extends the "Đông Dương Lãng Du" project that began in 2016, drawing on both the historical and contemporary efforts of the Society of Foreign Missions of Paris in the East, as well as Long's own inspirations and Catholic faith. The pieces explore the concept of leisure, representing relaxation and peace of mind—valuable assets in the current religious and rapidly shifting cultural context.

In the "thư nhàn | leisure" collection, Long simplifies his artistic form to delve into the meanings behind lapis lazuli and the use of metal, incorporating his personal spiritual experiences. Drawing inspiration from Christianity and his understanding of energy, he emphasizes the process of belief's role in shaping matter. This collection, refined through exhibitions from France to Vietnam since 2020, starts with perfecting the notion of "background attitudes" in his works. Long invites viewers to immerse in a sensation of relaxation, akin to lying on grass in a pine forest and daydreaming under the blue sky, thereby expanding their geographical horizons and reconnecting with their body and mind. "thư nhàn | leisure" marks a significant moment in Long's artistic journey, reflecting his deep connection with life's fundamental elements and his exploration of survival in an ever-evolving world.


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