Whoop Whoop

by Katharina Arndt

28.10.2023 | 30.11.2023

Vin Gallery is humbled to present "Whoop Whoop" a solo show by Katharina Arndt. Living and working between Berlin and Barcelona, Katharina Arndt displays her unique and honest details in her paintings.

Through her first show in Vietnam, Vin Gallery wants to invite you to be part of the celebration of Arndt's creativity as her strokes know no bounds. The fast, reduced, childlike motifs and mediums function as an artistic mirror of the quantity and speed of perceived scenes. "Whoop Whoop" depicts how she captures the everyday life of a consumerist society through her colorful paintings. The paintings are also symbols, they appear as tools to articulate the immaterial objects that haunt human life, especially in the online world.

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