Dario Maglionico


Doppelgänger when translated to English literally meant double-goer. This occurs when, for example, an individual travels back in time and encounters a younger version of self. This mental process of combining past experiences in relation to the present is transposed onto Dario’s canvases. By using wide vanishing points and various angles, the artist incite the audience to question “Where are you? What are you looking at?”.

“Dominated by a feeling of estrangement and suspension, Maglionico's painting represents in figurative terms – that is, without ever resorting to the expedient of abstract synthesis – a luminal dimension where the inner reality of the emotional states intersects the exterior of the concrete forms, a kind of middle ground that suggests the physical theories about parallel worlds and David Deutsch's multiverse.”

(Ivan Quaroni, Everything At Once, Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, Milan, 2017)

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