by HARUMI Yonekawa

22.07.2023 | 31.08.2023

Living and working in Tokyo, HARUMI Yonekawa has explored various lens-based media such as photography and sculpture for her installations since the early 90’s, and has developed an in-depth understanding and pursuing relationships between the existence of the body and the possibilities of reality.

In this exhibition, we will present her new body of artwork that will be showcased for the first time at Vin Gallery.
Based on the existence of the sense of incongruity in various situations, this is an installation series in which four chapters of DISSONANCE I, II, III, and IV will be exhibited at four venues in Tokyo, Ashikaga, Vietnam, and Kanazawa. This is the third chapter of the work, and this time it will be the prologue of "DEEP FOREST”

Tormented by vague anxiety, I want to stop thinking and go to gentle sleep.(DEEP FOREST PROLOGUE : from the preface of the artwork outline)

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