Lyés Olivier Sidhoum
Seduce by the whole existence and the love of the universe, Lyès celebrates the Energy of Life. Inspired by Mindfulness and Spirituality, the artist is attracted by reality and our perceptions of it.

Lyès’ work, named Source, shows the energy and the natural forces present in all people, all places, all times and all materials. The artist portrays the Celebration of Life using wall sculptures and installations, with a prediction for monumental artworks.

His celestial inspiration invites people to connect to their Source through a sensorial art experience. Steeped in Spirituality associated with Mindfulness, Lyès’ wall sculptures are color abstract tools that captivate viewers and help facilitate a heightened level of consciousness.

Lyès’ larger artistic practice offers a calm, optimistic counterbalance to sadness and routine. His sculptures invite viewers to pause, think and appreciate the present moment and the positive energy surrounding us all. Literally energetic, Lyès work celebrates the Breath of Life, spreads Joy and Serenity.

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