Lines Upon Rhythm

by Dodit Artawan

03.12.2022 | 14.01.2023

Born and based in Bali, contemporary Indonesian artist Dodit Artawan is eager to challenge and seek new expressions for Balinese contemporary art. Still life has become his main drive to be present in his works. He took his focus in a more unique way by highlighting the shapes and designs of mass products which are available in the market. Those commodities are commonly found and displayed everywhere with bright colours which can also be found in his artwork characteristics producing wonderful compositions.

“Lines” will be the main feature in this show, to present how he’s adopting and appropriating the lifestyle of contemporary society closely related to consumerism. Creating lines with rhythm and drawing with bright colours while at the same time, he’s playfully criticising and celebrating contemporary society often becomes irrational when lured by consumerism. And the rhythm composition of colours and lines will reenact fantasies that capitalism has done to their products.

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