Lê Quý Tông
Coming from an artistic family, Le Quy Tong was born in Hanoi in 1977 when Vietnam was still recovering from the war. He currently lives and works there after graduating from the University of Fine Arts in 2000.

In his early career, Quy Tong’s oil paintings mainly focused on ever-changing urban landscapes and human figures in a realist approach. In more recent years, his practice has transformed to a more conceptual approach with the use of various mediums and subject. Scenarios depicted in his works or sculptures are taken out of their original context, making it hard to differentiate as to whether they are distorted or not. They are often altered versions of decisive events to provide a different perspective to the audience.

Quy Tong’s sophisticated works have been exhibited in several local and international institutions, and with many collected by Post Vidai, RMIT Hanoi and Bodnar Collections.

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