Karine Guillermin

Karine Guillermin‘s artwork is a meditation, a new definition of reality, sensual, sensory and transformative. A pause at the point where subconscious and consciousness intersect. Fertiles thoughts where the formal structures are emulsified. A continuous energy, an invisible repetition, Ephemera. One is entirety, entirety is one. Emptiness. An aesthetically harmonious balance, of silently static movements and a uniform complexity of continuity. Transcendence of impermanence. And each fragment of this unity is unique and different. Taming is sometimes the same as finding freedom. Keep silent. The sound of silence is a thought so I listen to my thoughts. Monologue, personal, impersonal, temporal and nontemporal. Beyond visual perception where time has no physical reality.

Born in Villeurbanne, France, in 1975, Karine currently lives and works in Saigon. In each of her works, she manages to transcend complex thoughts and structures into delicate yet detailed forms.

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