KWIT 5 is a Vietnamese artist, who was born in 1986 and graduated from the Oil Painting Department of The University of Fine Arts in 2010. He experiments with a range of media, from computer aided acrylic painting, to traditional Vietnamese paper giấy dó. His artworks reflect his playful attitude towards art making, aiming to invite imagination from viewers.

Primary elements of art such as lines, colours, textures, space, and shapes, are the main inspiration as well as the subject in his works. As two separate entities collaborating, the graphic program helps the artist quickly create shapes with mechanical curves that he can hardly render otherwise. This allows him to have more freedom to experiment with how different colours interact when put together. Moving away from the expressive and unrestrained brush strokes he learned in university, the forms in series Elements appear sharp and super flat. The artist’s liberating experimentation can be seen through abstract but visually direct images. In imagination, from primary elements, they can transform into anything.

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