Katharina Arndt
by Theodosia Marchant


Last November, Vin Gallery honoured to host Katharina Arndt for her first solo show in Vietnam.
As the excitement is still linger around, we want to share you this interview by Theodosia Marchant about Katharina Arndt’s artistic practice. 
“In a fast and seemingly childish way of painting, Katharina observes Western life focused on consumerism, hedonism, and cheap thrills from the perspective of a critically engaged participant, embracing the joy they can bring to an often-bleak world while gently tugging at the tangled knots of desires, contradictions, and tensions that underlie these endeavors. The contrast between reality and fantasy in her artworks reflects the artist’s livelihood at her young age in the East side of Germany when there wasn’t much evidence of prosperity.” - Theodosia Marchant 

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Art Fairs

Art Jakarta

17 - 19 November 2023

We’re coming to Jakarta!

Art Jakarta is coming up next week! Vin Gallery is proudly announcing our artists line up for this year. We will have Dylan Gill, Yohei Yama, Dodit Artawan, Mahdi Abdullah and Katharina Arndt. We are excited to show you the strong personality which portray in each of the artworks presented by our artist.


Andrea Orejarena & Caleb Stein on American Glitch

Published in Creative Review

As their on-going project, titled American Glitch continues, Andrea Orejarena and Caleb Stein recently got covered by Megan Williams for Creative Review. Click the link in our Instagram profile to read the full article.

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